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Our story is as unique as our gum.

our-story-images_terry_v2Immuno Gum® was developed by Terry O’Neil M.D., a Board Certified practicing Emergency Room physician, and a graduate of the Ivy League’s Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. Dr. O’Neil’s passion for health and fitness began at a young age by trying various protein powders and vitamin solutions.

In medical school and residency training he was always interested and intrigued by what could make the body better and healthier. Dr. O’Neil felt that preventing a cold is much more effective than trying to treat a cold you already have.

Realizing that he often did not have a quick way to support his immune system when exposed to a cold, he developed a formulation of immune-boosting ingredients in a chewing gum form. Gum is convenient and, as Dr. O’Neil points out, “[it] offers superior absorption advantages, as many of the ingredients can be absorbed directly through the mouth. In contrast, tablets and drinks need to reach the stomach before they can be digested and absorbed.”

“Cheaper and more portable way to guard against the common cold.”

– Confectionery News

Immuno Gum Keeps Growing!

Chew on this: Terry O’Neil, M.D., is poised to make it big – not in his specialty of emergency medicine, but in the industry of … gum. But there’s a healthy twist to O’Neil’s creation, Immuno Gum (immuno-gum.com), which some vendors predict could become the next Airborne”- OC METRO, 2014


A Viral Video Sensation

Our hilarious FREE KISSES hidden camera video on YouTube featured two students offering samples of IMMUNO GUM® in exchange for a kiss. The video became a viral sensation after being featured in AdWeek Magazine.